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About Sniffie


Sniffie Dog Fashion

Dogs always come first - SNIFFIE is NOT a secondary dog clothing line from a big design factory!

We strive to remain a contemporary luxury brand and apply authentic and unique savoir-faire that moves with the times - the only Bling Bling Dog Fashion in the world! We design and tailor-make high quality dogs’ Bling Bling Fashion with a quirky charm.

Exquisite fabrics, exclusive prints, refined materials, fresh colours and detailed finishes reflect our expertise in upscale craftsmanship. Designed in Europe on everyday wearable luxury, SNIFFIE is synonymous to the most captivating and exceptionally rare masterpieces which create a legacy of astonishing beauty with flawless craftsmanship.

Our dogs can express their personality, express themselves openly and fearlessly to explore a world of delightful possibilities through our clothes from everyday moments to special occasions.

Welcome to the SNIFFIE's whirlwind of a world!